Pros & Cons Of VPS Cloud v Dedicated

windows cloud hosting

Dedicated Server
Cloud Hosting
Scalability New servers required to handle increased workloads (takes weeks to configure) Can scale up or down instantly as workload changes
Availability Load balancing is complex; have to build custom solution Load balancing available with the click of a button
Ease of use Complex server administration, requiring a knowledgeable server administrator VPS Simple to manage via a control panel—any IT professional can do it
Disk Space Inexpensive disk space Disk space expensive
Performance High performance and individual private use of server Lower performance in many cases
Cost Always paying for maximum power Pay for what you use

1&1 Cloud Hosting
  • Up to 32 cores

  • Intel® and AMD processors
  • Unlimited traffic

Cloud VPS Servers
UK2 Cloud Hosting
  • Deploy VPS clouds in minutes

  • Self healing cloud servers with automatic failover
  • Premium Templates such as cPanel

cloud hosting 


VPS with 1024Mb Ram from Easyspace

Easyspace Cloud Hosting
virtual dedicated server